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NewGeorgia - a village in the Ishimbai region of Bashkortostan, a member of Urman-Bishkadak village council. Located on both sides of the road "Ishimbai - Peter the Great".


The village was founded by settlers from Belarus. Among the first was Khomchenko family. Where it originated Novogeorgievka settled from 1900 to 1910. The first houses were built here in the four brothers Khomchenko: Abram, Gordey, Gerasim and Zinoviy. Later, new immigrants from Belarus, was founded near the village of Kozlovka, Ivanovka, Novoivanovka, Orlovka, Pokrovka and other small towns. Local indigenous Bashkirs were engaged in cattle breeding, foraging, apiculture. Belorusy grown mainly wheat, millet, oats and rye. During the years of Soviet power, the villagers worked in the "Merge" farm.