–°onstruction and repair


It offers the best team of builders and decorators — «Aliks & The company». Extensive experience in the following areas: pouring foundations, blind area, the construction of walls made of bricks and blocks, painting, plastering, construction of garages, outbuildings, installation of fences. Finished work you can see at the end of West Street.

If you are interested in this offer please call: +7 (987) 130-49-49, Aliks.

Drilling of wells for water


If you want to drill a well for water, you can use the services of the following companies:

Burvod, Ltd. — City Sterlitamak, Festival st., 2
Phone: +7 (3473) 26-51-62
Website: burvodrb.ru



Services of a qualified electrician: electrical wiring, outlets, counters, boards, switch boxes +7 (917) 423-23-31, Basil.



Woodworking factory for the production of boards, lumber and other products is located at Central Street, 15